Running the django-filter tests

The easiest way to run the django-filter tests is to check out the source code into a virtualenv, where you can install the test dependencies. django-filter uses a custom test runner to locate all of the tests, so a wrapper script is available to set up and run the test suite.


The following assumes you have virtualenv and git installed.

Set up a virtualenv for the test suite

Run the following to create a new virtualenv to run the test suite in:

virtualenv django-filter-tests
cd django-filter-tests
. bin/activate

Get a copy of django-filter

Get the django-filter source code using the following command:

git clone

Switch to the django-filter directory:

cd django-filter

Install the test dependencies

Run the following to install the test dependencies within the virutalenv:

pip install -r requirements/test.txt

Run the django-filter tests: