rel 1.0.8 May, 10 2017

  • Py3 dep of appypod

  • fix appy utils for py3

rel 1.0.5 Mar, 17 2017

  • added utils/debug to pretty pring sql code of a query

rel 1.0.4 Jan, 13 2017

  • fix in deps on appy

rel 1.0.3 Oct, 13 2016

  • version working with Py3

rel 0.9.1 Sept, 9 2016

  • base_site.html: now passed to jmb.jadmin

  • fix: improper import from html package not present

rel 0.9.0

  • porting to django 1.10. Management command brake compatibility with django before < 1.8 (optparse has been substutited by argparse)

rel 0.8.7

  • fix ModelObjectCopier

  • cleanup of css and js already migrated to jmb.jadmin

rel 0.8.6

  • added jmbcollect

  • Storage: added

  • porting: fix to work with autocomplete > 2.3 - < 3.0)

rel 0.8.5

  • now DynamicAutocomplete is more friendly while porting throught 1.4-2.0+

  • fixed import in from utils

  • cleanup unused css

  • no more dependencies from tinymce

rel 0.8.3

Eliminata dipendenza da dajax

rel 0.8

  • Many features have been moved to jmb.jadmin (that is now a dependancy) + ajax_inlines + admin_tabs + ActionForm + ExportData

  • Added AppConfig to handle + monkey patching + deprecation warning control

rel 0.7.8

NOTE: this version is the last before w/ ajax_inlines and admin_tabs

  • portability: improved handling of deprecations

  • deps: wgeaker requirements on vesions to easy transitions

  • export: work around to bypass limit of rows in xlwt (using sheets)

    added export_data command added xlsx option (no limit on rows)

  • clone: fix unique fields

re 0.7.8

  • Added JmbCoreConfig that handles: - monkey patching - WARNING_RULES

  • Ajax_inlies moved to jmb.jadmin

rel 0.7.7

  • just depends fix to prevent eggs to prevail over src

rel 0.7.6

  • deps: jmb.filters instead of django_filters

rel 0.7.5

  • export da admin: improved to cope with short_description, get_list_display()

  • ajax_inlines:
    • minor fixes

    • no longer autoadding of icons (clashes when popup is used directly in changelist)

    • porting to 1.8

  • admin_tabs: added render_presaved to allow for a customization of message in case parent is not saved and ajax_inlines cannot be used yet

  • views: added a view that returns a json view (used when adding a child from changelist and refreshing main row)

  • list_per_page: added handling of list_per_page parameter

  • Actions: added JumboActionForm to use additional fields in ActionForm

rel 0.7.4

  • ajax-inlines: minor fix: now works with LaxyProxy object too (as fieldset)

  • docs: more info for Mac OS

  • paginator in admin (select result per page)

rel 0.7.3

  • docs: added theme thunder

  • deps: dropped dep on django-admin-tool-sd2 (provided css ans js) if needed should be imposed on a project base

  • porting 1.6+: utils.token

  • admin: add ModelAdmin.message_user

  • fix css admin logon

  • templates: base.html renamed base-cms.html. Added base.html

  • porting 1.7

rel 0.7.2

  • ExtendibleModelAdmin: added get_changelist_queryset

  • AjaxInlines: improved data table paginator

  • AppyPod: added utility to print with AppyPod

  • template: fix in head_meta position (IE8 correctly complaines)

  • models: using pk instead of id for cases when primary_key is not an id

  • models: added db.get_mixin

  • autocomplete: added + in fk

  • action-forms

  • Added command reset_password to be used in scripts (jmb-sync)

rel 0.7.1

  • minor fixes: monkey.patch, icons,

  • autocomplete: now looks as a tag widget

rel 0.7

  • Admin tabs: now tabular/stacked inlines can be used rather then their models

  • checkbox: label on left side

  • change_list: modified to pass over _popup (used in nested iframe)

  • added MboxEmailBackend

  • requires django-filters-sd_0.7a1-sd6 that adds “search in selection”

rel 0.6.2

  • fix date-time picker

  • porting to 1.6

  • detail icon: now fixed width (partial)

rel 0.6.1

  • fix: ajax_inlines/monkey patch/porting

  • export: works also for functions

rel 0.6

  • aggiunte le admin-tabs

  • aggiunte le ajax-inline

  • aggiunta monkey-patch per runserver Errors in forms per trovare facilmente quali campi creano errori

  • riordinata la libreria jmb.core.js e standardizzato il modo di aprire finestre in iframe

  • aggiunt plugin jQuery dataTable per riordinare tabelle. Questa versione ha una piccol modifica perché l’originaria non si comportava bene con molte tabelle nella pagina.

  • aggiunta classe EmailMessageCalendar per invio semplicifato di appuntamenti vcalendar

  • aggiunta autocompletion dinamica

  • ora dipende da admin_tools_0.5.1-sd2 che corregge i css ed aggiunge un ritardo via javascript nella scomparsa dei menu

In concomitanza con questa release jmb-start:

  • impone admin_tools-sd2 che fixa il menu che usa funzioni coerenti con jQuery 1.9.1

  • aggiunge il plugin jquery-migrate richiesto all’interno di bootstrap_generic.html per compatibilità dei plugin fatti per jQuery < 1.9. riguarda principalmente alcune funzioni del cms.

rel 0.5

  • non richiede più una versione specifica di django in quanto fa monkey patching

  • aggiunge il layout a tabs nell’admin

  • supporta Django 1.5 e Django 1.6 ma:

    • stiamo ancora usando cms 2.3 che supporta solo Django 1.4

    • django-toolbar support Django-1.6 solo dalla rel 1.0.1 che però confligge con dajaxie (quando si lancia dj collectstatic).

    Il modo più semplice di provare Django 1.5 ed 1.6 è di usare l’ultima versione di jmb-start rispettivamente così:

    jmb-start -t p15 -a prj.django.test
    jmb-start -t p16 -a prj.django.test

    Nuove dipendenze: django-dajax => django-dajax-ng, djangoice-dajax => django-dajaxice-ng