Send a calendar event

There are many different types of calendar events, distinguished by the method:


when you just want to inform people of an event


when you require a response


info = dict(
   location='My location',
   dtstart=datetime(2008, 6, 2, 15, 30),
   dtend=datetime(2008, 6, 2, 24, 00),
   organizer=('', 'Sandro Dentella')

msg = EmailMessageCalendar(title, summary, from_email, recipient_list)
event = msg.get_event(info)
msg.set_attendee(event, email2, full_name) # Required for ``REQUEST``
msg.attach_calendar(event, 'PUBLISH')
class jmb.core.utils.ics.EmailMessageCalendar(subject='', body='', from_email=None, to=None, bcc=None, connection=None, attachments=None, headers=None, cc=None, reply_to=None)[source]

An EmailMessage capable of creating a correct Ics attachment

Initialize a single email message (which can be sent to multiple recipients).

All strings used to create the message can be unicode strings (or UTF-8 bytestrings). The SafeMIMEText class will handle any necessary encoding conversions.

attach_calendar(events, meth='PUBLISH', calendar=None)[source]

Set a calendar

get_event(props=None, meth='PUBLISH')[source]

Return a basic event to be added to a calendar event. uuid and dtstamp are added by default if not present. attendee and `organizer can be eather email or tuple (email, common_name) and will be correctly adde using set_organizer() and meth:set_attendee.

  • props – a dict of properties to be added to the event. read rfc to get more info on usable params

  • meth – the method of the calendar that will be created. Default: PUBLISH

set_attendee(event, email, full_name=None)[source]

Set an attendee of the meeting. Required if method is REQUEST

  • email – the email

  • full_name – the full name

set_organizer(event, email, full_name=None)[source]

Set the organizer of the meeting

  • email – the email

  • full_name – the full name